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Enable next generation digital stores.

Deliver the store of the future with SkillNet’s StoreHub. Connect your store to the digital world with our award-winning store integration framework.

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Make your systems talk.

StoreHub facilitates and accelerates the integration of systems. We make ‘em talk. With StoreHub you can
transform and transmit data between Oracle Retail’s systems and your existing legacy systems, including:



Distribution Center System


Human Resources

Customer Relationship Management

Be agile. Not fragile.

StoreHub is designed to maintain agility in your enterprise. As rapid industry changes are becoming the new norm, choose a system that allows you to adapt and respond quickly to the market and its ever changing demands.

Ready to go.

StoreHub accelerates your integration with a series of pre-built components.


Application connectors.

Built for some of the most popular retail applications.


Store process templates.

Built for store-centric processes that execute common business functions.


Customer transaction process templates.

Designed for customer transaction processing to various back-end applications.

Information at your fingertips.

From StoreHub’s simple dashboard you can monitor the progress of data transmissions from consolidated job reporting logs with real-time feedback and email reporting capabilities.


Keep your data in line and efficient.


Improve data management between your applications by reducing redundant data transfers and transformations.

Quality assured.


Capitalizing on over 20 years of retail industry experience and our longstanding partnership with Oracle Retail, our StoreHub integration accelerator utilizes integration best practices and is built to Oracle BPEL and open standards in its design and application.

What our client’s say…

“…SkillNet’s StoreHub technology ensures we can go from project start to pilot in a dramatically reduced time and at a significantly lower implementation cost.”

// Chief Information Officer at Perry Ellis International

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