Leverage the cloud.

Leverage cloud technologies to accelerate, house, and support your digital transformation.

Enable the cloud. Enable transformation.

At SkillNet, cloud services don’t just enable the provision of many of our consulting, implementation, and support engagements. They are also a key part of our operational blue print as a company with clients across 5 continents.

We help customers better leverage available cloud technologies in the retail domain as well as offering dedicated point solutions. Enablement of cloud technologies is an essential element of the digital transformations we embark on with retailers every day.

Look to the cloud and get online faster.

Host your Oracle Retail applications in the cloud. In partnership with Rackspace®, we can provide you with fully managed hosted solutions that scale with your business.

Our technical architects will provide you with the right design and size hosting service that can meet your needs of today and can grow with your business needs of tomorrow. In conjunction with Rackspace’s industry leading Fanatical Support®, our Service Level Agreements can meet your specific demands regardless of your size or geographical distribution. Before you invest in infrastructure on premise or consider other options, request a free quote for hosting and infrastructure support.

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Migrate your applications to the cloud with confidence.

The process of migrating your existing applications on premise to the cloud can be complex not just in execution but in initial evaluation as well. SkillNet’s experience in hosting Oracle Retail applications in the cloud and their subsequent deployment into many different environments positions us to provide you with top quality, seasoned consulting services for application migration.

Based on our existing methodology and templates, we can work with you to determine whether there is a business case for migration including an assessment of whether a hybrid cloud should be part of your solution. We also specialize in quickly creating additional environments for test and development for your datacenters or your Store Lab. Our objective is to provide you with a better return on investment in your existing Oracle Retail applications in both your datacenters and in store. We can design the best topology to fit your business needs whether you host with us or directly with Oracle.

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Don’t limit the speed of your omni-channel growth.

As omni-channel functionality rises in prevalence and as store software release cycles are required to be shorter, improving software development methods becomes imperative. Depending on your needs, we can counsel you on your journey to achieve higher efficiency and flexibility, and we can provide you with proven point solutions that will deliver immediate results to your existing software delivery lifecycle.



Our tools take from DevOps best practices and are specifically tailored to software changes of retail environments with stores, e-commerce, and CRM systems all which require timely patching and full releases of new capability.



We have automated software deployments for store software in thousands of locations. These deployments include all necessary quality assurance, communications, and workflows.



We can manage your development and testing environments on premise and on the cloud to streamline the delivery of change from requirements specification to production change.



We set up next generation Store Labs able to support multiple banners and locations from a single location in a fully managed environment.

Enabling combined traceability and management with continuous integration for your e-commerce and POS systems, we ensure your IT systems won’t limit the speed of your omni-channel growth.

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Be supported onsite or from the cloud.

Our best in class technical services team can help design, configure, and support your infrastructure running Oracle Retail applications. Working onsite or remotely, we can provide you quick responses to complex or urgent challenges.

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Let the cloud serve you.

SkillNet’s cloud services can accelerate, house, and support your Oracle Retail applications. Leverage the cloud to launch your digital transformation.

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Omni-channel solutions.

SkillNet’s consultants can help you migrate from multi-channel to omni-channel with our retail solutions.